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Summer 2009…..before it becomes a blur….. August 19, 2009

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Here are a few cute pics of my kiddos from this summer! We have had SO much fun. Magic Springs, swimming, lake trips, play dates, a million birthday parties, trips to the farm, backyard playing and way too much other stuff!! ha. I am ready for cool weather, campouts, the kids birthdays, holidays, and cozy nights at home.

My dad got married in May!!

We had Magic Springs passes this summer!! So much fun!
magic springs
magic springs 2
magic springs 3

We swam in the backyard!

We went to friend’s houses for lunch!

We had our own waterslide in the backyard! ha.

We all made new sweet friends!
magic springs 4
magic springs 3

Evan went on his first sleepover! Who knew I would be so emotional about it!
first sleepover
1st sleepover 2

And we were just cute 🙂

Everyday I thank God for letting me be home with my sweet kiddos.

I love them more than anything……and for some reason God chose me to get to be their mommy.
I just pray that I am doing a good job! ha.


okay………i can do this.

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i have been a grade A slacker with this blog lately. but, it is almost fall…..i always love the beginning of fall….it seems to get me back into some sort of routine. So, i am going to try extra extra hard to blog more……what am i going to do a year from now and i won’t be able to remember everything we did!

God has been working on me all summer long……I have loved it…..and had some major convictions because of it. I have always been such a stubborn person so it always seems like I am muddling through the same struggles ALL the time! ha….I think it is the control freak in me. But, I am slowly trying to let go. I can not control everything….or everyone. My sister would love to actually hear me say that to her. So, for the fall…..I am focusing…..letting go…..embracing God’s will……and hopefully not constantly getting in the way of what God wants me to do…..or what He is trying to do through me.