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Ella’s Birthday!! December 31, 2008

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So, my sweet baby Ella is one year old!! What! Time goes way too fast. Im not one of those people that gets excited about the next phase in life…….im one of those people that gets sad thinking about the next birthday, putting all the baby stuff away, packing up all of the baby clothes…..but it must be done. I love to think back a year ago to what we were doing………Ella’s birth was much more uneventful and went so much mmore smoothly……thank God. I remember when I was in the hospital, thinking to myself, “this was the way it was supposed to be!” I was much happier this time around…….haha…..with Evan I was on the verge of being medicated!

Ella’s party was last night at Chick-fila………I have to always remind myself that when you are the one throwing the childs birthday party… will be stressed! haha. It went well…..I didn’t feel like I got to talk to that many people, but the kids seemed to have fun….so, mission accomplished!

Now on to the new year!! I have so many things I am working on in my life right now! Forgiveness- an issue i have always struggled with…….i say i forgive, but i never really forget and move past things! contentment- I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams!! i dont want to spend one day forgetting that! Friendships- sometimes I feel like I have not been the best friend that i could be…….its easy for me to sink into my own little world…………….and the biggest one…..being a better wife and mother- isnt it sad that sometimes your spouse will see the worst of you! when he should be seeing the best! he is allowing me to do what i have always wanted to do….stay at home with my babies!….i should bless him by keeping up my end of the bargain. and by doing that, i know i will be a better mother!

So, tonight I will raise my glass of champaigne and get ready to start this new year! Thank you Jesus for all of the blessings that you have given me………let me learn to use every word that i say for your glory!!


One Response to “Ella’s Birthday!!”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    Sweet Ella! She is a doll! I can’t believe that she’s a year old either! I didn’t even make it to midnight last night. I think I was in bed by 11:50! Sad, but true. Jonah was tired. :0)

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