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busy busy. October 19, 2008

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Im sitting here on a cozy Sunday afternoon with the laptop and a good blanket. ( i love our new leather couch, but on chilly days the couch is a little chilly too!) Everyone is napping, so I need to catch up on this blog! So much has happened that I meant to blog about…….just havent had the time!! So…….here we go!

Girls weekend!
It was fabulous! We talked, we got to be completely ourselves, we shopped for our reunion (which we might be the only ones there, but we will look fabulous!), and we ate some great food! We are all big mexican and italian fans….so we usually stick to mexican for lunch, italian for dinner. It was such a great break from the norm……I really enjoyed our girl time! I came back refreshed to be mommy, housecleaner, wife, daughter, sister…….and everything else again.

mom’s birthday!
My mom turned 50 this month!!!! She won’t admit it….but she did. We had a fun day with her…. she didn’t want a big deal made out of her birthday….she never does. Not that it has anything to do with her age, she just doesnt like a fuss to be made over her…….she doesnt want us to spend our time or money worrying about her birthday. But she did want to just spend the day……which I loved too. She met us at the mall for lunch, then mark and evan headed home for a nap, and us girls had a day of shopping. Ella is such a good baby!! She loves to be in her stroller looking around at everything! Never fusses one bit! We shopped at the mall for a while, then Sams (evans birthday stuff), tjmaxx, new walmart, sams again!, and then we headed out to her house for a cookout. Mark and Evan met us, her boyfriend came, and of course my uncle. We cooked hot dogs on the grill and mom made a big pot of chili. We had bought an italian cream cake at sams that mom had been eyeing for a while now. it was amazing! love cake.

this weekend!
friday we met a couple from church at party central to let the kids play! evan loved it. its funny how much can change in 6 months. he used to really only enjoy the bounce house, but this time he loved everything…….i dont know how many times he and lilah went through the obstacle course. And of course he told me he was a football player when he went through and knocked over the blowup things. Andrea’s husband works nights so he was there and Mark worked early that morning and had a break until 3 so he met us up there. I think they had as much fun as the kids! After that we went to lunch with them at Ed & Kay’s. I hadn’t been there in forever, but I am sure it will be a new favorite. It was soooo good. Seriously, you cant go wrong with country cooking.

Saturday, Mark took some pics at our house in the morning. They turned out really good. I think they are really going to like them. After lunch and naps (for all of us), we went to the fair for a few hours. We had such a good time. I love those days where you aren’t rushed……just strolling along and letting Evan take it all in (and Ella…..she loved looking at everything!) Of course we spent a lot of time in the livestock area. Evan loves animals. Then we went and he rode some rides! He thought that was a lot of fun. We finally left when it was about to get dark and chilly…..

Today, after naps, we are heading out to the pumpkin patch……..mark is going to take some pics of lilah and norah, and we are going to play out there for a while. Im sure some pics of the kiddos are too follow!