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sweet friend!! September 23, 2008

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So, my super sweet friend adrienne mailed me a surprise today……and of course i did my trademark squeal when i opened it!! It was the sweetest little tutu for ella!! She didn’t even know i have been looking on ebay and even lost a few bids on tutus!! So, ella will be a little princess/fairy for halloween…….just have to come up with a funky bow to go with it.

here she is!! (have i mentioned i love being married to a photographer!!, i am definetly framing this one!)

Can’t wait for girls weekend! The fun starts friday! I am so happy to get to do all of this fun preggo stuff with adrienne. She was always so good to me when i was preg…….even drove home when both of the kiddos were born. I remember tearing up watching her leave after Evan was here. I think i was a little toooo medicated and a little post pardum crazy! ha. Hopefully we will find some cute outfits for our 10th highschool reunion too……..i definetly dont have anything cute to wear for that….plus i need some input on what i should get. Cant wait to shop, eat, shop, eat, and laugh. i love these girls more than anything, no matter how long we spend apart, we always remain super close and get to be “ourselves” around each other! the older i get, the more i thank jesus for such close friendships.


2 Responses to “sweet friend!!”

  1. adrienne Says:

    Oh my goodness! How cute is she? Those are priceless pics! Love ’em! Cannot wait to see you Friday! I can’t overdo my eating this weekend cuz I have my glucose test Monday and I will have to get on that dreaded scale!!! I’m already afraid I’m gonna have gained 10 or more lbs this mo! Yikes!

  2. Natalie Says:

    I love you too! My best friends are the best! Kristen I will eat with you! I cant wait to shop either! yea yea yea!

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