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tagged?! September 5, 2008

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here you go adri……i miss you!!

Tag, You’re It!
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1)  secretly everytime i come home i hope that max will be waiting for us on the front porch and i get dissappointed that he is not

2)  when people are talking to me, sometimes i will starting writing the words with my finger………it really annoys mark!!!  i mean really.  haha.  i can hide it really well though

3)  i am addicted to/obsessed with chick-fil-a lemonades!!!!!!!!  forget sonic!

4)  i plan vacations for us to go on in like, 5 years or so.  I already have the disney vacation dvd!! ha.

5)  i wish i could buy a big plot of land and have my gran/papaw and mom live right next door.  and really whoever else in the fam that wanted too. ……..i know that this will NEVER happen, but I always like to think about it.

6)  my husband is a photographer and i am not very good at figuring out how to put pics of my kids that he has taken…..i mean seriously, some of them are amazing.  i just dont know how to display them.


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