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back to school!! September 5, 2008

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This week was our first week of mothers day out!!!  I decided a couple of weeks ago that we needed a fall schedule.  Something where our weeks were planned out………trying to get away from the craziness of summer.  I know summers are supposed to be crazy…..but I was tired of summer a while ago!  Now I am ready for a schedule!  I am slowly realizing that I need a somewhat lenient schedule to survive…….I think it makes me so much more organized, happier, fulfilled, and even a better mommy.  So, when I heard they were still searching for teachers I called and volunteered myself…..even recruited a fellow mom that I am getting to know.  I get paid a little cash (I count it as shopping, Christmas, everyone and their mothers birthday money) and the kiddos get to go for free.  Ella doesnt really need it, but Evan is at the age where he needs to be around other people rather than me all the time!  We go on Tues and Thurs.   School is actually 9:30-2:30……but I have been trying to get there by around 8:30.  Tuesday was a little crazy……..we get ready, diaper bags packed, lunches packed, backpack on………then Evan tells me his stomach itches……I told him to scratch it.  In the meantime my mom calls to wish him a happy first day……I go to find him in the living room to let him talk to her and then it happens…….he pukes!  ugh!  By now it is 8:15, Ella is still asleep and I have to figure out what to do…….luckily Dad was able to come and watch him for the day.  Of course Evan didnt get sick again……some kindof fluke thing I guess.  Not to mention I was supposed to take home a friends 2 kids and watch them…….luckily she ended up not needing me anyways.  So Evans first day was today…..he really loved it.  His teacher traced him on a big piece of paper and took all of his statistics and jotted them down on the side.  I dont remember all of them, just that he was 38 pounds!!!  I forgot what his height was…..I will have to look.  sidenote……..i read up on his carseat and it said it only goes to 40 pounds…..i thought this was odd…..guess we will be buying a booster seat soon!?

My class is 5 little ones from 18-24 months……..2 girls….3 boys.  They are such sweeties.  Some are a little shy at first, but usually come around after half an hour or so.  I think we are going to have a lot of fun this year……….Im glad that I am liking it.  Now I just have to make sure Ella is situated.  She hasnt been taking very good naps there……I am really into naps.  Good sleepers= happy babies.  She really is the best baby, really laid back and loves to play…..i probably will just give the teacher some suggestions on tues…..she may hate that…but oh well.  I will have to post pics soon of evan all ready for school…..they are on marks camera and i do not touch it!!  haha……i cant afford to replace it!



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