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Life? August 24, 2008

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I feel like I’ve been in a weird mood lately…….I’ve been loving life, but ready for change.  I think I probably always feel this way right before fall!  Fall is so refreshing, so rejuvenating.  I know most people feel this way about spring, and I might too, after the long days of being in the house throughout winter…….but Fall will always be my favorite.  pumpkin patch, costumes, cutie’s birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, lil cutie’s birthday… much to be excited about.

Today, during Sunday School, Rob talked about the powers of sin.  I guess I have never really talked about sin having power……but it does.  Ive heard so many times that you should remove yourself from sin……stay away from things/people that make you sin.  One comment was made to surround yourselves with believers and not really “run in the same crowd” as unbelievers.  Im kindof confused about this.  I guess, mainly, because I work at the coffee shop.  Sarah and I are the only Christians that work there…….everytime I go to work I hear waaayyy too many curse words, stories about their parties and drugs, and one girl’s ideas on spirituality/healing.  These people are SO lost…..SO far from knowing God.  But I love them……..they are good people….they just are Lost.  I feel like if I was totally remove myself from being around sin, then that would mean I would need to quit my job.  And if that was what I were supposed to do….I would do it….in a second.  But, this is where I am confused.  If I totally removed myself… would they be exposed to Jesus.  How would they see something different in me……I mean, Jesus didnt surround himself with believers….he was in the midst of sinners…even dining at their houses.  Dont get me wrong, I dont mean that I should party with these people or even hang out with them.  I totally believe that my inner group of friends should be strong believers that challenge me to love my God even more……and they do. 

I love my church where I leave thinking…..thinking about the lesson/sermon and how it applies to my life.  I guess sometimes I get confused……..what is accepting/condoning and what is being judgemental??  ugh……

i also need to quit being so sensitive……..any suggestions??  little things people say will hurt my feelings/ or just bother me and I obsess over it.  why??  i really dont care….i mean, really, i don’t.  But for some reason, these little thoughts stay in my head.  I feel like I am constantly praying, God rid me of these thoughts, let me only look towards You and Your words.  But it seems like a broken record.  And usually its stuff that would seem really ridiculous to some people…..but for some reason bother me.  ugh, any thoughts?  or am I just mental?



2 Responses to “Life?”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I once heard a message on this very topic. God gave us different passions/talents/oppurtunites all for his glory. What I mean is you are in this season, this coffee shop for God’s glory. As a Christian that is the goal to be able to be around those who are full of sin and not be overcomed by it. To be an example to those people by simply sharing in job. You have something in common with them now and it is this job. Through it you will learn about them and they about you and they will notice a difference…God’s faithfulness. Thuse God gets glory because YOU can only be explained by God’s faithfulness. Just because you are able to do that doesn’t mean all Christians are. That is why I wouldnt want some of my youth…impressionable ones hanging out with a rough crowd. They aren’t ready. Since we are all at a different step on “the way” we all can’t be exposed to the same things. Some are just not ready.
    As far as sensitivity…I wouldn’t know a thing about that. lol I know mine is just insecurity. Still wanting everyone to like me and well…Lets just say this together…ready…If God is for me who can be against me?…repeat….
    I love you!

  2. Adrienne Says:

    ditto what Nat said! As for the sensitivity thing…surely everyone is that sensitive…I am. I figure we all go home thinking about things people said, even if what they said wasn’t bad or hurtful, but maybe the way they said it. Some people are just really good at hiding their sensitivity!(I’m not) 🙂

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