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thankful! July 27, 2008

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i am thankful for:

my hubby- hands down he is probably the best husband ever……..he is such a great provider, helper, partner, and best friend.  i never let him know how much i appreciate him…..i need to work on that

2 of the cutest kids ever- seriously….they make me smile so much.  evan is at such a fun age and ella is just stinkin sweet!  i love every stage they go through…….at times it is SO challenging, but so rewarding…..if i could afford it, i would have 5 more!!! haha, maybe not 5.

getting to be home with them- everyday i am reminded that it is such a blessing to be with them.  i hope i never take it for granted.

my family-  God had blessed me with family that are my best friends. 

my girls- i love natalie, adrienne, and sarah…….i know i dont tell them enough…or even show it for that matter….but i truly believe God has kept them in my life and i love getting to share everything with them.

i have been doing a bible study through the psalms of ascent……..i have really been trying to really study the Word instead of just reading my devotional……one thing that this study challenges you to do is memorize scripture…… also trying to remind myself of things i am thankful for…..we live in such a pessimistic world its easy to get caught up in the constant whining and griping…..i pray that i remember all i have been given…….



2 Responses to “thankful!”

  1. adrienne Says:

    Awww! I love you too! You are a lucky girl! You do have a pretty perfect life! God takes care of us! I cannot wait till our weekend! We need to nail down a date.

  2. Natalie Says:

    I love you too! sniff sniff….when is that mysterious weekend we keep talking about?

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