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good wife? July 23, 2008

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ha, i just talked mark into eating ice cream with me instead of going to the gym.  i think i could be called a really bad influence right now!

i love days where i feel productive!  i got a lot done around my house today and went out and cleaned the backyard tonight.  you wouldnt think that would be that big of a job, but when your child lives in the backyard, it can easily get scattered with toys.  i wish i could find some type of outdoor toy box that wouldnt collect bugs and water…hmm…..anyone have any ideas?

the next reidhar baby was born today…….Braden Hill……im supposed to be getting pics emailed to me tomorrow!  wish i could just drive up there, but not really possible with 2 kiddos at home.  that is the 4th reidhar baby born since christmas……5th since thanksgiving!  needless to say, our family reunions are completely insane with kiddos running around everywhere!  but i love it.

im challenging myself to dig deeper into the bible…….not just reading and doing my bible study…..but really praying over verses and working on memorizing more scripture.  hopefully i will be able to teach evan to do this as he gets a little older.  i love hearing mark read his little childrens bible to him at night……evan loves the noah story, but sometimes i think it would seem a little scary to a child……how do you explain God destroying the earth?? 

last note…..ella has started pulling up on stuff!  ah…she is only 6 months old!  i am so not ready for all of this.  last night she pulled up on my legs and today my dad went to get her from her crib and he said “i didn’t know she could stand in her crib”……i was like umm…..this is the first time!  guessing mark needs to lower the mattress tomorrow!



One Response to “good wife?”

  1. adrienne Says:

    yea! I’m so glad you’re a blogger! I needed a way to read all about ya! Now I can webstalk you! Just wanted to say hi! Love ya! Adri

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