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vbs?? July 29, 2008

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last night after VBS i asked evan what all he learned…….i asked him if he learned about Jesus…..he said yes…then he said they learned about mickey mouse clubhouse?  hmm.  ha  i doubt that.

working at vbs reminded me of how much i love to listen to kids talk.  they are so funny and sweet.


thankful! July 27, 2008

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i am thankful for:

my hubby- hands down he is probably the best husband ever……..he is such a great provider, helper, partner, and best friend.  i never let him know how much i appreciate him…..i need to work on that

2 of the cutest kids ever- seriously….they make me smile so much.  evan is at such a fun age and ella is just stinkin sweet!  i love every stage they go through…….at times it is SO challenging, but so rewarding…..if i could afford it, i would have 5 more!!! haha, maybe not 5.

getting to be home with them- everyday i am reminded that it is such a blessing to be with them.  i hope i never take it for granted.

my family-  God had blessed me with family that are my best friends. 

my girls- i love natalie, adrienne, and sarah…….i know i dont tell them enough…or even show it for that matter….but i truly believe God has kept them in my life and i love getting to share everything with them.

i have been doing a bible study through the psalms of ascent……..i have really been trying to really study the Word instead of just reading my devotional……one thing that this study challenges you to do is memorize scripture…… also trying to remind myself of things i am thankful for…..we live in such a pessimistic world its easy to get caught up in the constant whining and griping…..i pray that i remember all i have been given…….



good wife? July 23, 2008

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ha, i just talked mark into eating ice cream with me instead of going to the gym.  i think i could be called a really bad influence right now!

i love days where i feel productive!  i got a lot done around my house today and went out and cleaned the backyard tonight.  you wouldnt think that would be that big of a job, but when your child lives in the backyard, it can easily get scattered with toys.  i wish i could find some type of outdoor toy box that wouldnt collect bugs and water…hmm…..anyone have any ideas?

the next reidhar baby was born today…….Braden Hill……im supposed to be getting pics emailed to me tomorrow!  wish i could just drive up there, but not really possible with 2 kiddos at home.  that is the 4th reidhar baby born since christmas……5th since thanksgiving!  needless to say, our family reunions are completely insane with kiddos running around everywhere!  but i love it.

im challenging myself to dig deeper into the bible…….not just reading and doing my bible study…..but really praying over verses and working on memorizing more scripture.  hopefully i will be able to teach evan to do this as he gets a little older.  i love hearing mark read his little childrens bible to him at night……evan loves the noah story, but sometimes i think it would seem a little scary to a child……how do you explain God destroying the earth?? 

last note…..ella has started pulling up on stuff!  ah…she is only 6 months old!  i am so not ready for all of this.  last night she pulled up on my legs and today my dad went to get her from her crib and he said “i didn’t know she could stand in her crib”……i was like umm…..this is the first time!  guessing mark needs to lower the mattress tomorrow!



Hello July 19, 2008

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So, I have been wanting to start blogging for a while now……actually I’ve started a few times and just never kept up with it.  I have been a blog stalker for a few years now………admitting it is the first step…right?  I love getting to keep up with the lives of old friends………and I want to be able to have a place to write down all of the funny little things my babies do.

I guess I should talk about myself some……..which I hate to do.  I never can think of what to say about me.  My life long dream has always been to be a mom.  I’ve never really had any career goals, or even any ambitions to do something great in the world.  It has always been to get married and have lots of babies………so:

I met Mark at Ouachita Baptist University during my sophomore year and his freshman year…….we started dating that next summer.  We were complete opposites……..he is the loud crazy guy that EVERYONE loves….I mean everyone.  I was the semi-shy -but once you got to know me- fun girl.  College was definetly a fun time for all of us…….but anyways…..I went to Europe that next fall……..and after a rough month or so, I knew we were supposed to be together…..ha.  We got engaged in October of 2001……..he had a big surprise planned for me……but after talking to my dad, he got too excited and asked me in my living room in front of all of my roomates……I thought he was lying and told him to get up.  I think Ali had to tell me several times that “this is NOT a joke!”  ha…….I thought it was way too cute that he couldn’t wait one day to do it.  We had our dream wedding that next May……outdoors with a good band!

Now on to the babies part!  ha.  Evan was born in October 2005……I had a horrible time with HELLP syndrome, so he was born a few scary hours later by emergency C-section.  That day is still filled with so many emotions………fear, sadness and then in the end thankfulness!  I still remember the moment I heard his first cry.  Evan is my wild child!!  He is definetly just like Mark, and is his twin (just with blonde hair and blue eyes)  He is the life of the party and is always giggling about something.  He loves loves loves be outside all day everyday!  Definetly all boy…….loves football, baseball, nascar, tractors, papaws garden, the lake and boat, big trucks, and being naked!  ha……he loves to just be in his underwear…..its a struggle to ever get clothes on him!  Evan loves music….i mean loves music.  He has lots of instruments and loves to “jam out” with his daddy.  He is already WAY cooler than I am.  Oh, he also loves his nonny (my mom)…..he talks about her all the time….even asks for her throughout the day (usually when he is in time out for something….ha)

Ella was born in December 2007.  She is the sweetest little girl ever.  I could cuddle with her all day.  Having a little girl is so much fun.  I cant wait to see who she is going to be.  Ella is quiet and easily entertained.  She loves watching her brother play and giggles at everything he does.  She also loves her daddy!  She gets the cutest grin whenever he gets home for the day…..Its funny how different daddies are with little girls.  I cant wait for her to be my shopping and lay out buddy at the lake.  

Me?  I am so much more than just a mom.  I love my family……they are actually my best friends….my sis courtney and cousin randi…i probably drive them a bit nuts by loving them too much……I love my girls from HS, I would do anything for them……but Im not the best at showing it.  I love my husband and our down time of watching way to much First 48 on our recent splurge on cable tv.  I love that it is so important to him that i stay home with our kids…….its never been an issue.  I love chocolate…..and I love cooking.  I love my friend Sarah and how she makes me remember to be young…..i love my babies and strive to be the best mother for them………….but most importantly I love my God.  He has shown me who He is and has shown me how much He loves me everday……..even though I am SO far from deserving it.  I am striving to live a life that will show others His love……….

so, i guess that was insanely long first blog……cant wait to catch up with some of you!!!!!!!!  love.


Hello world!

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